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David Ashworth


David is an experienced biocides industry professional who has worked for major players in the market sector.

David has sound knowledge of the commercial, technical and regulatory aspects of the use of biocides and biocidal products. This experience and knowledge can be applied to advise users and producers of biocidal products as they find their products centre stage in heavily regulated marketplace.

“My key speciality is combining a strong understanding of market needs with an excellent technical knowledge of what biocides are capable of achieving, and bringing these together to ensure that my clients have claims that make commercial sense and have products that can be used in a safe and practical manner - minimising risk whilst maximising effectiveness.”

General skill base

All aspects of the development, marketing and use of biocidal products.?Technical advisor for the use of active substances in many applications including disinfection, oilfields, preservation and water/paper industries.?Specialist skills in the preparation of regulatory dossiers with particular emphasis on the role of efficacy in risk assessment.?Active in the development of international test methods for determination of efficacy of biocidal products


  • Business Management of a contract laboratory.
  • Senior consultant role within an External Contract Laboratory
  • Development and marketing of novel (patented) biocide systems - pathfinding of novel biocidal systems
  • Accountable for the microbiological integrity of products and sites throughout the UK and Western Europe