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The first place to call for Biocidal Products advice. Let our experience lead you through the maze of determining effective and safe doses for biocides, substantiating claims and negotiating global regulatory systems.

The regulatory complexity of the chemicals markets appears to increase exponentially with time. Individual sectors within the greater market can sometimes feel that their burden is greater than most. Nowhere is this more true than with Biocides and Biocidal Products. We have extensive knowledge of Global Regulatory Systems - particularly the Biocidal Products Directive in Europe and those administered by the EPA in the United States.

Biocides are found in all facets of modern living whether it be at work, at home or during leisure hours. Industrial processes rely on biocides to keep water systems free from contamination, to maintain continuous production of water, to ensure crude oil remains sweet and to provide protection from microbial impact to many others processes. Perhaps the most visible use of a biocide is in products used for the maintenance of hygiene - in the form of disinfectants and sanitizers. These are routinely used in hospitals, hotels and other commercial buildings; on farms, on railways, ships and aircraft and in the home. There are also not so obvious uses - for example swimming pool safety and the preservation of a huge range of items from cosmetics, dishwash and laundry products to paints, paper, rubber fabric and leather.

In all cases the safe use of a biocide is of paramount importance. We are committed to providing guidance on using biocides in a safe and practical manner that minimizes the risk, whilst ensuring that the biocidal efficacy is not compromised.

The team at Klarus Consulting understand the fine balance between exposure and hazard that constitutes risk and how this impacts on efficacy.

We are able to advise on not just which biocides to use where, but on how to use them and importantly how to describe effective patterns of use.

We understand the complex needs of marketing and technical agendas and can manage this interface, ensuring that strong claims can be agreed upon that can also be substantiated through a suite of recognized tests.

Our experience base covers microbiology, regulatory affairs, marketing and the strategic application of biocide knowledge.

We are your partner in ensuring that your product does what you want it do and what you say it will do.